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happy earth day


happy earth day


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Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne in Detective Comics #725 (Aftershock 8)

The worst part about Escape From The Citadel was after Finn’s arm is ripped off they offer us a ray of hope that if the white goo touches him, his arm will be healed but then they crush that hope when a FUCKING FLOWER grows there instead because of his goddamn grass blade.

That’s probably how Finn felt through the whole ordeal. Built up to be so hopeful, only to be let down so hard.


Do you guys think Finn’s new grass blade will have something to do with when he canonically loses his arm?


Not “if” he loses his arm, “when”. Since Finn losing his arm appears to be one of the biggest foreshadowings I’ve ever seen. He has lost his right arm in every alternate/imagined(?) reality and in his past life.


So it’s probably coming off at some point….unless they’re just fucking with us like they always do in the 5 Short Graybles XD.

Called it.

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